Media Relations

  • Brand, influencer, and entertainment media relations

  • Media list outreach

  • Press content creation and deliverables

  • Media placement

  • Media strategy

  • Award placement

  • Speaking engagements 


Social Media Management

  • Strategic content creation

  • Social media reporting including tracking of hashtags, online mentions, insights, and engagements

  • Brand personality-design aesthetic and direction

  • Relationship building with target audience

  • Customer, fan, and follower outreach

  • Paid social media management

  • Photography

  • Campaign creaton


Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer coordination and placement

  • Influencer collaborations and partnerships

  • Organic influencer strategy

  • Paid influencer strategy

  • Influencer brand buying

  • Secured posts and site visits


Event Planning

  • Event production

  • Event marketing

  • Event execution

  • Event strategy

  • Event partnerships and collaborations

  • Securing event audience

  • Event recaps


Business Development + Consulting

  • Resume consulting and design

  • Brand consulting

  • Capitalizing on your brand

  • Building your business

  • Resources and best practices


Media Buying

  • Media kit and editorial calendar research

  • Best media outlets for ad placement research

  • Price and placement negotiation

  • Magazine, broadcast, online, and digital media buying

  • Media outlet research and relationship building

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